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Hotel La Pérouse, Nice



When history meets present


In 1986, the Hotel la Pérouse rounded out the Hôtels du Roy collection. A passionate lover of the sea, the former owner named the hotel "La Pérouse" as a tribute to the great French navigator, Jean-François Galaup, Count of La Pérouse (1741-1788). Louis XVI ordered La Pérouse to lead a scientific mission that set sail from Brest on August 1, 1785, on two ships: the Astrolabe and the Boussole, which were filled with treasures.

There were 213 men on board, including some of the era's great researchers. Their goal was to sail around the world and discover new lands and unknown civilizations. Louis Hector Berlioz stayed in the Bellanda Tower, where he composed Le Roi Lear.

Raoul Dufy stayed often in Nice and chose to set up his easel at the Hotel, where he painted a number of canvases featuring the Bay of Angels, the magnificent seascape he saw from his room.