La Pérouse Hotel boasts a fantastic vantage point of the Bay of Nice and the city. But for an even higher view, climb the stairs near the hotel entrance – or take the Art Deco elevator – to the top of Colline du Château.


A long time ago, a Greek settlement was located here. More than a millennium later, a castle was erected on the hilltop – then destroyed in 1706. Although the structure is gone, you can still visit the ruins.


With numerous attractions and winding paths, this lush oasis between Port Lympia and the old town attracts many visitors all year long. But the main reason they come is that at 300 feet (92 meters) high, the lookout area – sitting just above La Pérouse Hotel – offers the region’s most breathtaking panoramic view, especially when the sun dips beyond the curve of the bay.


With green spaces and a large playground, the park at Castle Hill is a favorite destination for children and their parents on a family vacation in Nice.


Access to the park is free, as is the elevator.