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Our Environmental Approach


At Hotel La Pérouse, we are committed to a more responsible and compassionate approach to tourism, while upholding a bespoke level of service to ensure our guests revel in the finest and most memorable experience.

We recognize the privilege of being surrounded by an exceptionally rich and unparalleled panorama. The Mediterranean Sea, the flora, and fauna which make the Côte d’Azur a true gem needs to be protected, and every action, can make the difference.

Our Maison niçoise has thus placed the environmental policy at the core of its strategic priorities, guided by three axes: reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing the lifecycle of our products, and preserving our beautiful biodiversity.


For that reason, our hotel has been certificated by the Green Key internation eco-label for 2024.

Our green partners

As you step into our Mediterranean heaven, you’ll be enchanted by the countless surprises and delicate gestures that render your stay truly unforgettable. To create this experience, we’ve partnered with businesses that share our core values:

Showcasing Local Expertise

Fragonard, Perfumer Since 1926

Discover Fragonard, an ancestral perfumery based in the heart of Côte d’Azur, in Grasse. Established in 1926, this historic enterprise, based in Grasse, offers us the “Tout ce que j’aime” (All I love) “Ma Bergamot” edition, whose flavours are in perfect harmony with our identity. 

Each product in this collection is 100% manufactured in Grasse, employing 100% natural and local wheat-based alcohol. 

The provided shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners are now proposed in dispenser bottles to prevent waste and overconsumption. Furthermore, the bottles are made from 35% recycled materials. The solid soaps offered to our dear visitors are biodegradable, minimally packaged, and environmentally friendly.

Enter our Mediterranean home, and savor these gestures which pay homage to our beautiful region.

Paper Reduction and Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

Our Citrus-infused Prints

We have significantly curtailed the paper consumption within our hotel. All our paper materials are sourced from an Imprim’Vert* certified printing press, 90% of which are made from recycled products. 


The Crush Citrus paper, featured in the menus of our Restaurant & Terrace Le Patio and in almost all the paper elements in your room, is crafted from lemon branch and leaf shavings. 


A tribute to the centenary lemon trees that grace the Patio, Restaurant & Terrace.

Reducing Plastic Elements

Zero Kilometer Water by Aquachiara

Upon your arrival in your room, or during your meal at the Patio, Restaurant & Terrace, you can refresh with our Zero Kilometer water, micro-filtered through the Aquachiara processe and services. 


As an environmentally conscious hotel, we have integrated this system to optimize tap water while significantly reducing hydrocarbon consumption associated with transportation and packaging. With our reusable glass flacons, we bid adieu to plastic bottles, embracing an eco-responsible and elegant approach for your utmost comfort.